Impression of Gucci Guilty

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Gucci Guilty opens with a burst of zesty mandarin, providing a bright and refreshing citrusy introduction.
Pink Pepper: The top notes also feature the spiciness of pink pepper, adding a hint of warmth and depth to the initial impression.
Heart Notes:

Lilac: As the fragrance evolves, lilac blooms in the heart, lending a soft floral element with a touch of elegance.
Geranium: Geranium adds a green and slightly rosy facet to the heart, enhancing the floral bouquet.
Base Notes:

Patchouli: The base notes of Gucci Guilty are anchored by patchouli, which contributes a woody, earthy richness.
Amber: Amber adds a warm, resinous sweetness to the base, creating a sense of depth and sensuality.
Vanilla: Vanilla notes provide a sweet, creamy undertone, imparting a comforting and inviting quality to the fragrance.

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1 review for Impression of Gucci Guilty

  1. Hifza

    Awesome 👍

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